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Hello there <insert name here>! I'm an administrator on the AJAW and on the AJCW and an artist on Animal Jam Classic, known as Wolfy44444. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to leave a question on my Message Wall! In addition, if you're new to Animal Jam Classic, why not use my buddy link and help a friend out? I hope to see you around :)!

I can't DM people on Discord anymore, and I'm only limited to certian servers. Please do not DM me on Discord, and ask if we can talk in Animal Jam Classic where I am occasionally active.

These days, I play games and draw. However, I'm slowly becoming more active here so that's good. I'll try to make permanent themes soon.

Facts about Me!

  • I'm British and I'm a female who goes by she/her pronouns.
  • I'm going to start learning Dutch on Duolingo shortly.
  • I'm a Nintendo Fangirl! (My favorite game series are Star Fox, Zelda and Animal Crossing)
    • I do play other games not by Nintendo, such as Overwatch (I'm a proud Junkrat main) and Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • I like some anime and some TV shows including The Promised Neverland, His Dark Materials and Regular Show.
  • I'm a cosplayer, and I have a fursona, who is a coyote, named Saturn. I'm currently working on a fursuit of her for no reason at all.

Progress (After Hiatus)

Library Collab Team 2 - Frame 11 (July 2020)

First sketch. I sketched out the base of the table and my fursona, Saturn. I'm going to start to give it a rough lining. Rough lining. Basically a small idea on how the final image will look. I'm really happy with how she's turning out! This took about 30 minutes to line, and next comes the coloring + shading of the background. Coloring + Shading of Background. This... also took me 30 minutes. Wow. Next up is the table! Coloring + Shading of Table. This only took 15 minutes, and I'm really happy with how it looks! Next up is the books! Color, Shading + Writing of Books. This here took 30 minutes, mostly due to finding words which fit on the books, haha! Anyway, up is the fur of Saturn. Saturn's Fur. 1 Hour 15 minutes later, and here is how she looks! Time for her clothing! 1 Hour and another 15 minutes later and she's done! I'm really happy with how this turned out!



Picnic Park Collab Team 1 - Frame 13 (August 2020)

First sketch. I sketched out the water, land, Saturn and my OC Kizo. This took about 5 minutes. I'm going to give it a rough lining next. Rough lining. This took 25 minutes (thanks Kizo). I love the pose of Saturn so much! Now onto the shading and coloring of the grass and football! Coloring + Shading of Grass. I scrapped the football, but I'm happy with how this is looking. This took about 30 minutes. Now for the water and path! Path + Water. These ducks are adorable, and that water is really cool! 40 minutes this only took too! Next up is Saturn! Saturn. This took longer than usual because I'm British and I'm not used to the heat and I've got headache xD. She took 1 hour 30 minutes. Next up is Kizo! 1 hour 45 minutes later and Kizo is done! His metal leg and wing are missing, and he has hands, not wings but there we go XD. I'm surprisingly happy with how this turned out!

Photo Booth Collab (August 2020)

First sketch! This is going to be tricky, I've not drawn animals like this in forever XD. But here goes. This took about 5 minutes. Rough lining. I'm aware this took an hour to do. Blame Kuga. The background won't take very long at all, so onto coloring Kuga in first! Kuga. Thank you Kuga for having a really complicated outfit :) she took 2 hours to do. I'm going onto Platy next! Platy is done 2 hours later. Welp. My hand aches and RythmBot on Discord is glitched with Moskau on repeat, but next up is Magenta! And Magenta is done, 1 hour 45 minutes later! All thats left to do now is Saturn!  1 hour 45 minutes later and I am finally done! Woo hoo! I'm genuinely really proud of this!


Female.png AirCommander Falco is female.
Flag Of Europe.png AirCommander Falco is from Europe.

To Do List

Drawings in-game

  • Update Splovacatopancakes's page.
  • Finish Xerik's page.
  • Update Rainbowflyingdash's page.

  • Okay so a huge credit to Platypusrocks here, but these are basically shows I watched and games I've played, and my fave characters from them (if I have any). Go check out her list!

    • Star Fox - Falco Lombardi (was it really a surprise?)
    • Aggretsuko - Haida (best simp) / Hyodo (I don't know why)
    • TLoZ - Revali (again, a surprise?) / Ghirahim (he's fabulous darling) / Zant (he's a good boi)
    • Wakfu - Nox (He's so well written omg)
    • TUA - Klaus (his personality is great)
    • OUaT - Killian (only character I kept watching for) / Regina (who doesn't love her) / Rumpelstiltskin (Spoiler: I hate Gold with a passion)
    • Hazbin Hotel - Either Angel or Alastor (I wasn't the biggest fan of it tbh)
    • BNA - Michiru (omg I like a main character for once?) / Shirou (self explanatory)
    • LWA - Amanda (she's got personality)
    • Beastars - None (probably Gouhin if I had to pick one)
    • Titans - Gar (he's a sweetheart) / Hank (HE GOT HURT AND JUST SEEING HOW THAT REFLECTS HIM LATER IS COOL) / Corey (she's a queen and we stan queens around here)
    • Overwatch - Junkrat (he's really underrated)
    • Sonic the Hedgehog - Jet the Hawk (yet again, another surprise?) / Nack the Weasel (he's soft) / Tails Miles Prower (he babey)
    • His Dark Materials - Lyra Silvertongue (she's an amazing lead) / Lee Scoresby (SAD NOISES)
    • The Promised Neverland - Ray (idk thought he was cool) / Emma (too pure) (idk tho Norman is very close up there and so is Isabella)
    • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba - Inosuke (angry noises) / Enmu (He was great) / / Muzan (-moonwalks-)
    • Attack on Titan - Hange (I LOVE THEM) / Kenny (loved him from the first second he appeared on screen) / Jean (neigh)