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Welcome to the Animal Jam Art Wiki!

Whether you're an Animal Jam Masterpiece Artist, AJ Fan Artist, collector, trader, or just a jammer who loves art, this is the wiki for you! Here at Animal Jam Art Wiki you can learn tips and tricks from other artists, trade your art or commission art, learn more about your favorite art and artists, or just browse beautiful art! Our goal is to add as much information about each masterpiece and it's artist, and facts like, 'who made it?', 'how long did it take?', 'is it original art or referenced?' and 'what is it worth?'. From famous artists to jammers like you, Animal Jam Art Wiki is open to all artists and aspiring artists of all skill sets. You can post and trade art as well. You can also commission art more safely! If a user doesn't trade for said art after it has been commissioned within 1 week of finishing they may be blocked or banned (See our Block Policy). If you are having trouble with your beginning edits, you are more than welcome to ask our staff or experienced contributors or check out the FAQ Page. Don't be afraid to seek help and ask questions. We hope you stay safe and have fun! Jam on!


Before editing, commenting, or posting anything on the wiki, please read our Rules and Block Policy page to know our policies and rules. If you break certain rules, they may lead to a warning, and then a block (time depends on the rule you broke and how many times you broke it). If you see something that is wrong, you may fix it respectfully and responsibly or leave a polite comment. Interested in being a staff member? See our Rights requirements.

Suggesting Pages

Can't find the art you are looking for? You can either make your own page or leave a suggestion on the Suggestion page, add it to the page, or leave a comment asking for the art to be added. We will either link you to the page if we already did so, or we will add it to the page if we can find the masterpiece. We also may not add art to a page or delete a page if the artist isn't active or doesn't have a sufficient amount of art and/or information. 

If you create a new page for an artist or yourself, please use category tag "Aspiring Artist " opposed to "Artist ". We will check back often and upgrade it to "Artist" if your page is sufficient. We accept pages of all art styles and skillsets. If your page doesn't have a sufficient amount of art or information within a week of creation, the page may be deleted. This is only to prevent spam, pages that are left blank or abandoned, NOT to deter artists' work. You can remake the page for that artist again in 4 weeks. The same rules apply.

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Anyone may edit the wiki, as long as they are not spamming, vandalizing, or breaking the rules. When you've finished editing a page, change the date of the "Last updated" feature (unless you are adding categories or fixing errors). Refer to the Example Page to see how you are supposed to edit pages.


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