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These rules are only to be edited by the Founder or by Admins. If these rules are not followed then it may lead to a block. To see the consequences of not following these rules, see our Block Policy.

1. Be respectful and appropriate

Do not cyberbully, vandalize pages, etc. Racism and all other forms of discrimination are also heavily discouraged and will be punished. No NSFW content is allowed anywhere on the wiki. Minor blood and scratches are permitted. Such behavior will have severe punishments.

2. No swearing 

With the exception of "hell, damn, piss, crap, and lmao", you should not be swearing. You may use the permitted "swear words" in comments or on your profile, but they are not to be added to pages. All racial and sexual slurs will not be tolerated whatsoever.

3. Do not spam or flood the wiki

Spamming edits or comments are prohibited. Commenting on pages "first!" or "second!" is considered spam and will be deleted. Making useless edits and contributions or "spreading out" your edits will not be tolerated, as this is considered "badge/edit farming".

4. Add only accurate information to pages

Information you add onto pages should be true and accurate as of the time you are making the edit. Do not add things to pages that people know are untrue. If you see inaccurate or false information on a page, please leave a polite comment or edit it to be correct. Many pages on the wiki may be outdated.

5. Do not scam refuse to pay for commissions

If you are found scamming and evidence is presented, you will be banned immediately. Whether it's hosting a fake art contest, doing trust, or any form of scamming, you will be banned for a very long time, possibly permanently depending on the scale of the items scammed and the number of previous offenses. If you commissioned someone and change your mind after they've started, you must trade 1/4-1/2 the value you agreed to trade for their time. If they've finished the commission and you decline to trade them for any reason and it is comparable to their other works and/or what was asked for, you must trade them 1/2-3/4 the value you agreed to trade for their time, NOT art. If you're unhappy with it, trade 3/4-full amount of the agreed trade for the art and time. Refusing to pay after 7 days will result in a block.

6. Use correct formatting and add sufficient info

Although it is understood that this wiki's purpose is to express yourself and display art, you should keep in mind formatting and information guidelines. At a BARE MINIMUM, pages should have 2-3 sentences of info in the "About" section and 3-4 pieces of artwork by the artist created in the AJ Art Studio. You are allowed to have out-of-game art on your pages, but please make sure you have more AJ works than out-of-game. Some items that are NOT allowed on pages are out-of-AJ edits, other user's signatures, and a table of main animal looks (although you may have a picture of 1-2 of them). Also, pages should be written in the third-person, unless it is a blog, discussion, or profile page.

7. Users must comply with COPPA policies

As per Fandom's TOU and COPPA's policies, you must be 13 years or older to have a Fandom account. Although anyone may access the wiki and see all pages and discussions, you have to be the legal age to make edits or comments. Underage users will be banned until they are 13 years of age. If you are banned for this reason and the staff cannot find your birthday anywhere, you will be banned until however many years you turn 13 on the day of the ban. You may notify staff of your birthday to have a proper ban time.

8. Do not reveal personal info

This applies to your own info as well as your peers'. Revealing things such as your face, address, email, etc, is not allowed for your protection and everyone else's. This is a public platform, and all sorts of people will be able to see it. However, it is ok to reveal very minor things such as your pet, hometown, etc. If anyone tries asking for any sensitive personal information, do not provide the info and immediately report them to a staff member.

9. You may be punished for something not listed here

Even if something is not listed here or the Block Policy, a staff member has the right to warn you or administer punishment if you do something they see as wrong. If you believe you have been punished for an unjust reason, please contact another staff. Many of our staff have Instagram and Discord.

Also, note that we are not connected to Animal Jam or WildWorks in any way (other than we play the game).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Founder or Admins: StarBeing, AirCommander Falco, Shadowangel0516, or Lpspuppydog10