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All users are expected to read the rules before posting any discussions or making any edits. Breaking said rules will result in a warning or ban. Even if it is not listed in the rules of policy, all staff have the right to punish you for anything they think is punishable.

Offense 1st Time 2nd Time 3rd Time 4th and All Consecutive Times
Profanity (other than "hell, damn, piss, crap, and lmao")

On pages: Week ban

In comments/messages/forums: Warning

On pages: Month ban

In comments/messages/forums: Warning

On pages: 3-month ban

In comments/messages/forums: 3-day ban

On pages: Permanent ban

In comments/messages/forums: Ban time extends every consecutive offense

Trade/Payment Refusal for started/finished Commission

Warning (see Rule 5 for the payment procedure needed to evade punishment)

If you refuse to trade/ignore the warning and/or don't complete the trade within 7 days, a month-long to a permanent ban.

7 days after refusal, Month-permanent ban
Scamming Permanent ban if evidence is provided
Vandalizing (severe cases may be immediate perma-ban)

Week ban

Month ban Permanent ban
Bothering users/Harrassing Warning Day-permanent ban Permanent ban (if ban wasn't already permanent in second offense)


Day-month ban Permanent ban
Misusing Message Wall Rights when blocked

Ban from message wall rights until block is over

Racial or Sexual Slurs Permanent ban
Posting NSFW Content Depending on the severity of the content, week-permanent ban
Ignoring Admin's Warnings 

Week ban

Month ban Permanent ban

Giving Out Personal Info (your own or someone else's)

Punishment varies on type of information given; can range from a simple warning or an immediate ban
Asking for Passwords

Permanent ban

Trolling (saying things just to get reactions)


Week ban Month ban Permanent Ban

Ban until you are 13 years of age


Immediate permanent ban

Sending Suspicious Links

Warning to ask what the site is. If ignored or fishy, then a permanent ban

Attacking, disrespecting, or harassing staff The staff member being attacked/disrespected/etc has the right to administer punishment as they see fit. Punishment may be determined by the offender's attitude to them and others on the wiki.

Immediate permanent ban of the sockpuppet and extended ban time for the main account

Necroposting Warning Warning Week ban Month ban